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About Kim Krause

“From desperate to helping those that are desperate”

Kim Krause of Norwich who runs Aylsham’s Slimming World groups, in 2010 faced one of the most difficult times of her life. She didn’t know which way to turn when in September 2010 she was diagnosed with the illness rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 33, her marriage broke down in the following November and the final blow was in December 2010 when her dad, who she was extremely close to, died of lung cancer.

Starting January 2011 she felt so lonely, so alone and felt like her whole world had collapsed. Even her family weren’t nearby, as they lived 250 miles away in Warrington. Friends rallied around to help Kim, as she was left grieving and describes herself as a zombie.

‘It was all a blur, I don't know how I managed in those dark long months to follow. Life was difficult and thank goodness for my amazing friends who even did my food shopping for me and helped take my children to school.’


Kim with Sue Stone
Kim with Sue Stone


Things still got worse, as Kim struggled feeling very depressed and low. Kim and her 3 children, then aged 10, 8 & 5, were travelling doing the familiar 250 mile car journey to visit their family in December 2011 and whilst on the M6 motorway at 70 mph had to pull away from a careless driver to avoid collision. This unfortunately resulted in Kim losing control of the car. Kim describes ‘The car started to wobble, which then turned into a weave across the 3 lanes. Next thing I knew, we spun 180 degrees to face the oncoming traffic the car to then flipped over and hit the central reservation. It was the most scariest time of our lives. Myself and my children were screaming.’

Miraculously Kim and her 3 children climbed out of the car completely unscathed without a broken bone. The police were amazed they hadn’t been killed.

Kim said this was a wake up call. Things needed to change. She was trudging through life and dwelling on the past. This wasn’t helping her move on. Forunately Kim decided to read a book she had in her bookcase called ‘Love life, Live life’ by Sue Stone. It was a story of a lady who turned her life around following divorce, near bankruptcy and house repossession. Kim said ‘If this person could do it, so can I.’

Kim had some one to one support from Sue and followed the learning Sue gave her.

Kim’s life began to change. Many opportunities appeared ‘miraculously’ and most of all Kim found happiness again. Not just with a successful job helping others lose weight, but becoming manager for North Norfolk for slimming world too, but she found love again with Mike, who she had been with for 4 years now.

Through the learning Kim got from Sue and how Kim knows how great things have become as a result, Kim has now just completed her training and is now part of the Sue Stone foundation as an accredited coach to help others. Sue has been seen on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 and has helped celebrities is very well renowned in her field of work. So Kim now wants to give to others the tools and the support that can help people live the life they absolutely want. Kim says nothing is impossible.

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