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Kim Krause Services

One to One

A detailed 3 hour one to one; face to face, by telephone or Skype. This will be a really in depth opportunity to learn about how our brains work, the effects of our thoughts and learn amazing tools to create the life you absolutely want . Includes 3 months follow up after your one to one.

Cost £125


One Hour Phone Call

A condensed version of my one to one, particularly beneficial to those that have been to see me before and need a ‘top up’.

Cost £50


30 Minute Call

To discuss how I can help and tweak where people are making changes, but need extra guidance. Also useful as a ‘top up’.

Cost £25



I’m happy to attend events and businesses to give you a one hour presentation to share my life experiences and how I have the skills andknowledge to help people who feel they would want to make changes. Please contact me for further details.


Motivational Speaking Events

Through my life being turned around, I can show others how amazing their life can be! Please contact me for further details.


Live Life

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